Slope Performance Monitoring Course

The Geotechnical Center of Excellence (GCE) at the University of Arizona has gathered some of the leading professionals in the slope monitoring sector to develop a world-class course on Slope Performance Monitoring.  This course is under-written by the Large Open Pit (LOP) Project and is based on the LOP Guidelines for Slope Monitoring text, and developed in collaboration with the editors, Robert Sharon and Erik Eberhardt.

Who Should Attend? Engineers, geologists, and other mining professionals working with monitoring equipment or interested in doing so the future. Geotechnical consultants who interpret monitoring data or integrate data into engineering analysis. Anyone looking to strengthen their understanding of slope monitoring!

What the Course Offers? Movement detection ● Displacement monitoring ● Subsurface deformation monitoring ● Water monitoring ● Geophysical monitoring ● System design, support, and operations ● Data acquisition and management ● Data analysis, utilization, and communication ● Slope monitoring case studies

Course Timeline:this 21-week course starts November 7th, 2022. The course includes approximately 24 hours of pre-recorded content and live, virtual Q&A sessions, where students can engage directly with subject matter experts.