LOP Webinars

LOP Online Webinars

The LOP seeks to advance globally the state‐of‐the‐art in surface mine geotechnical design and operation through targeted research. The research is intended to be practical and pragmatic with a short‐to‐mid‐term delivery of advances to the industry of 3‐10 years; and to continue the LOP tradition of peer knowledge exchange through close interaction between sponsor representatives and through site visits to operating mines, as well as service provider and supplier centres. This information exchange has demonstrated itself to be an invaluable result of the original LOP project, and continues.

Since 2005, the Large Open Pit Project has delivered five Industry Guidelines, which have been taken up widely by practitioners. An Open Pit Closure Guideline is currently being prepared. The LOP has also sponsored applied research in key areas of interest to its Global Industry Sponsors. Many of the research projects have spanned a number of years and been developed in stages to provide medium and long-term benefits to the global mining industry. Since 2019, the LOP has also been rolling a series of online lectures/webinars on a selected number of LOP funded projects to promote discussion of important challenges and issues facing the large open pit mining industry. The recently available webinars include:

  • Quantifying Mining Induced Rock Mass Damage in Open Pits (click here to watch)
  • Integration of Laser, Radar And Total Station With 3D Kinematic Analysis (click here to watch)
  • Guidelines for Slope Performance Monitoring: An Overview (click here to watch)

For a complete list of LOP lectures visit here.