LOP Online Lecture by Prof. Evert Hoek

In this LOP Presentation, Professor Evert Hoek is providing insights into the use of rock masses as engineering materials with an emphasis on large open-pit mine slopes. The presentation is based on Prof Hoek’s recent public talk at a symposium in Brisbane in December 2018 for the celebration of the 80th birthday and the retirement of Professor Ted brown. The paper presented in 2018 was entitled “The Hoek-Brown Criterion and GSI 2018 Edition”, and is published in the journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. It is noted that the Brisbane presentation was for a general audience, and Prof Hoek has made several significant changes in this LOP presentation in order to emphasize some of the issues related to the design of open-pit mine slopes. The overall message has not changed, but the examples are different from those of the original paper.