Guidelines for Slope Performance Monitoring

The latest Large Open Pit Guidelines on Slope Performance Monitoring, the fifth in the series written by industry experts and international researchers, is now available online (currently pre-order only) through the links below:

After the official launch in July 2020, interested readers will also be able to access it from book retail websites or by placing an order with their local bookshop. It will also be available in an eBook format around mid-July 2020.

The 10 chapters present the process of establishing and operating a slope monitoring system, the fundamentals of pit slope monitoring methods and instrumentation, monitoring system operation, data acquisition, management and analysis, and utilisation and communication of monitoring results. The implications of the increasing move to automate mining operations are also discussed, including the potential future requirements of performance monitoring.

Guidelines for Slope Performance Monitoring summarises leading mining industry practice in monitoring system design, implementation, system management, data management and reporting, providing guidance for engineers, geologists, technicians and others responsible for geotechnical risk management.